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Mount a soundbar, surroundbar or speaker directly onto a TV (above or below) instead of mounting it to the wall.

Works with or without other TV mounts, in corners, and also if TV is being left on it's stand.

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Product Overview

Made from high quality steel these universal brackets give the ability to attach a soundbar or surroundbar speaker above or below, directly onto a plasma or lcd tv instead of mounting it to the wall. This is most useful when the tv is hung in a corner or on an articulating mount where mounting the soundbar directly onto the wall is not desired. The soundbar brackets are bolted into the same mounting holes as the mounting bars on the back of the TV. These will even work for mounting the soundbar (or center speaker) above the TV if it's being left on it's stand.

Click Here for a list of hardware that other customers have reported using.

NOTE: since center channel speakers (unlike soundbars) are designed to set on a shelf or stand, they may require an additional mounting bracket to attach to our brackets.
They can be found here
Product Details

  • Universal design to fit almost any TV and any soundbar/speaker.

  • Use to hang speaker below or mount above the TV.

  • Perfect for corner applications. Mount your soundbar in a corner!

  • Allows you to leave your TV on it's stand. (Bolts for TV included)

  • Designed by a Home Technology Integration technician who uses these brackets in his own home.

  • Ultra low profile.

  • Easy Intallation - No Drilling Required

  • Click Here for installation instructions.

  • Click Here to watch Video Installation Examples.

  • Click Here for a list of hardware that other customers have reported using.

  • Design Patent - US D657,231 S       Utility Patent - US 8,302,917 B2

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