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Frequently Asked Questions
Will they fit my TV and/or speaker?
Our brackets were designed to be as universal as physically possible and have been purchased and installed on countless models of TV's and Soundbar/speakers with success across the board. They just work. We cannot verify any TV/Soundbar combination as we are unable to test every TV and Soundbar on the market.

They should work for your installation if your soundbar has any sort of wall mounting option and your TV isn't too big. If the TV is too big the brackets won't be long enough to span the distance between the TV's mounting holes and the soundbar's mounting holes. Maximum distance is 17 1/2 inches.

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The bracket isn't long enough to span the top and bottom bolts holes on the back of my TV.
They're not supposed to. See the installation instructions for a diagram. Each bracket is held to the TV by 1 bolt.

What if I don't have bolts for the back of my TV.
Soundbar Brackets come with bolts for attaching the soundbar to the brackets and also for attaching the brackets to the TV. Many TV's come with bolts already in the holes in the back of the TV. If you're using an additional TV wall mount you should use the bolts that come with that other mount.

Click Here to watch Video Installation Examples.

How are others using these?
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TV left on stand, with SB mounted above:
TV left on stand, with SB hanging below:
TV wall mounted, with SB mounted above:
TV wall mounted, with SB hanging below:

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