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Mount a soundbar, surroundbar or speaker directly onto a TV (above or below) instead of mounting it to the wall.

Works with or without other TV mounts, in corners, and also if TV is being left on it's stand.

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David Gass, Sales Manager, Huppins OneCall
We are selling and installing these brackets here at the store. I spoke with my install team and they all like its design and report that it has worked well so far on installs they have used it on. I will keep them in mind as I bid projects and I'm sure we will have a lot of success with them.

D.J. Oakes, Best Buy Geek Squad
These were actually purchased for me to use. The brackets are a wonderful tool. I will definitely recommend these to clients and will continue to use them. Thanks for a great product.

This is the perfect example of some dude building a better mousetrap. It perfectly solves the problem of where to mount the sound bar. Works great on top of my 50" LG Plasma, mounted on a stand in the corner. No other alternatives are available other than DYI.

Solves a gritty problem very elegantly.

Tyler Robie, Project Manager, Tucker & Tucker
We just put this TV in a week ago. The pictures show a Samsung TV with a matching soundbar. The mount was simple to use and it works well. This mount worked well because this articulated arm folded back to only 1" off the wall. So, having a thin solution to mount the soundbar was perfect. We will definitely keep you in mind for these types of installs. Thanks very much.

I spent 10 years as an A/V designer for high end residential systems, I wish we had this product when soundbar's and flat panel speakers first came to market. Very well designed and thought out product, easy to install. I am using it with a Denon Soundbar on a Pioneer Elite PRO-FHD1 with an Omnimount UCL-X cantilever mount and it fits my purpose perfectly!

D. Childress
Found myself in a situation where I had to have a product like this and was very happy to find that it existed and did not have to make my own... The brackets are very simple, yet very effective for specific situations.
The quality of the steel and finish is high and bolts were also included that fit my soundbar with no problems.
For reference I used the brackets with a Panasonic 50" G10 mounted on a Sanus tilt mount to mount a Pinnacle sound bar.

These are just what I was looking for to mount my soundbar on top my TV while leaving my TV on it's stand. They were easy to install and went on in just a few minutes. I haven't found any other items like this anywhere.

Polk Surrroundbar 50 mounted on top of a Samsung 52 inch LCD TV. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I don't know how I could have done it if I hadn't Googled you guys.

Sony HCTC 500 on a Samsung 7000 LED. Samsung TV were too thin, the speakers didn't produce enough volume for the room. We used to mount the soundbar on the bottom sitting on the cabinet, but after the brackets we were able to move the bar to the top and now the soundbar fills the room.

R. Anderson
These brackets worked fine mounting Sony Soundbar on Sony 46 TV just using normal TV stand.

Steve Brown
Very creative idea and worked very well with my existing TV and wall mount bracket.

Design Patent - US D657,231 S       Utility Patent - US 8,302,917 B2

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